The Archdiocese of Vilnius is located in the southeast of the Republic of Lithuania, and borders with the Vilkaviškis, Kaišiadorys, and Panevežys Archdioceses in Lithuania.

It also borders with the Grodno and Vitebsk Archdioceses in Belarus. Some facts about the Archdiocese:

  • The number of archbishops and bishops: Archbishop Cardinal Emeritus, Archbishop, and two Auxiliary Bishops.
  • Priests actively serving: 191 priests.
  • Priests from other Archdioceses serving in the Vilnius Archdiocese: 1 from the Grodna Archdiocese (Belarus), 1 from the Minsk-Mohilev Archdiocese (Belarus), 3 from the Radom Archdiocese (Poland), 1 from the Vitebsk Diocese (Belarus).
  • Number of men’s religious orders: 11 religious orders.
  • Number of members: 51 brothers.
  • Number of women’s religious orders: 25 religious orders.
  • Number of members: 168 sisters.
  • Number of deaneries: 9 deaneries.
  • Number of parishes: 95 parishes.
  • Number of churches: 103 churches (of those, 18 are not parishes or rectorates).
  • Number of chapels: 57 chapels.
  • Number of rectorates: 11 rectorates.
  • Municipalities containing parishes in the Vilnius Archdiocese include: Druskininkai, Ignalina, Molėtai, Šalčininkai, Širvintai, Švenčionys, Trakai, Varėna, Vilnius region and the city of Vilnius.