Famous Figures

The Archcathedral Basilica of Vilnius is most noted as a place of homage to the Crown Prince St. Casimir (1458–1484). He is the most significant patron of youth and Lithuania. His Feast Day celebration takes place on March the 4th . The Archbishop Jurgis Matulaitis’ (1871–1927) most difficult, but also most productive years were in Vilnius. He was a member of the Marian Order. His reflections reached us through his thoughts in journals, letters, memoirs and have touched on the most sensitive and painful areas of spiritual life and also the topics of historical revolution.

Mečislovas Reinys (1884–1953) was a servant of God. He conducted his obligations in Vilnius, and because of his strong defense of the faith, lost his life at the hands of the Soviet occupants. With the presence of atheistic persecution, many Catholics testified their faith, and many were included on the 20th C. list of persecuted individuals.

The universality of the Church and the wealth of the Catholic tradition of prayerfulness has remained in Vilnius. It was maintained by people that lived here and because of the rich foundation of faith that the Jesuit St. Andrius Bobola (1591–1657), the Carmelite St. Rapolas Juozapas Kalinauskas (1835–1907) and the Saint Sister Faustina Kovalska (1905–1938) created.