We invite you to contribute to the renovation projects at the House of St. Faustina

We invite you to contribute to the renovations that are taking place at the house of St. Faustina in Antakalnis Vilnius. This is a highly regarded pilgrimage location. The nun St. Faustina lived in the house from 1933–1936, and documented her experienced visions here. The convent house survived the Soviet era, though it was used as broom storage for the kindergarten.
This wooden house in Antakalnis was reconstructed 12 years ago, and became a place of pilgrimage. When visiting the house, one can feel the surroundings where the news of God‘s Mercy reached St. Faustina. Nearly 30,000 pilgrims from all over the world visit here annually.
At the start of 2020, renovations were started on the interior of St. Faustina‘s home. The projects include: replacing and/or restoration of doors and windows, floors, insulation, as well as painting. There is a plan to create a room dedicated to the exhibition of the painting of God‘s Mercy, and to improve the small gift shop. Exterior renovations are planned for a later date. Visitors will also be able to visit a print exhibition by Vaidotas Kvašys. His work depicts the visions from St. Faustina‘s diary.
The estimated cost for the project is €30 000, and is being organized by the Archdiocese of Vilnius. If you are able, we ask that you contribute to the renovations of the house. At this time, the amount needed for the print exhibition by Vaidotas Kvašys is €3,800, the exhibition of the painting of Divine Mercy €1,500, and furniture for the shop €4 000. Also, €800 for a second door needed for the terrace.
For more information on the projects, contact the Director of the Vilnius Pilgrim Center Inesa Čaikauskiene at +370 77 21591) or the house of St. Faustina (V. Grybo g. 29 a, Vilnius).
A donation can also be sent to the account of the Curia of the Archdiocese of Vilnius:
Company code 191299691
Šventaragio g. 4; 01122 Vilnius
Account number: LT397044060001054368
Bank Code 70440
Payment purpose: Donation for the house of Faustina.