a service to the spiritual unity of Europe

The new Institutional Information Portal of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Europe is online.
In the feast of St. Benedict of Nursia, Saint Patron of Europe, the CCEE posts online the new version of the institutional information portal of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Europe: ‘eurocathinfo’.
After a year of intensive work for the restyling of this European portal by the Portuguese Company “noMundo” (, ‘eurocathinfo’ is a European project fruit of the work of various collaborators in Europe, including the secretary of the Portal, the young man Marin Oberan, who works for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
“We decided to launch the new version of ‘eurocathinfo’ on the day of the feast of St. Benedict of Nursia, the Saint Patron of Europe, because following the founder of the Benedictine order, this portal aims to be a tool and the cement of a spiritual unity that Europe needs more than ever today,” says Msgr. Duarte da Cunha, General Secretary of CCEE, and continues: “Like St. Benedict who, out of his evangelizing activity, was able to unify peoples which were linguistically, ethnically, and culturally divided in the ‘dark ages’ of the agony of the Roman Empire, already exhausted, the Portal today is meant to be a testimony of this mission of the Church which never gave up the idea of building and uniting the one people of God through the proclamation of Christ in Europe, in the certainty that Christianity still has a key role to play in building the common European home.”
The new version of the Portal, also accessible on smartphones and tablets at, is divided into six sections.
– “News from the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences” is based on the RSS flows of the Bishops’ Conferences websites and allows for a constant update of the news flow. In addition, by clicking on “more news,” the user will access to a cluster of RSS flows which includes the flows of the Bishops’ Conferences, CCEE, and European Church bodies (FIAMC, ….);
– “Highlights” posts the news which have been stressed directly by the Bishops’ Conferences;
– “News from CCEE” resumes the news of the Council of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Europe;
The News Section is reinforced by three more sections that give us an overview of the Church in Europe:
– “European Calendar” presents the outstanding events involving the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe, CCEE, COMECE, and the Holy See;
– Through a map of Europe you can access a presentation of the individual Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Europe in different languages;
– Finally, through a banner section users can access the official websites of CCEE and COMECE, as well as some pieces of information about the activity of the Holy See within the Council of Europe and the European Union.