Announcement about the route along which people will be able to greet Pope Francis

A month remains before the visit of Pope Francis to Lithuania. This is an announcement about the route along which people will be able to see and greet the Pope’s riding in Popemobile.
Pope Francis is coming to Lithuania to see its people. For much of his stay, he has opted to travel not in closed vehicles, but rather, in the “Popemobile” so that he can travel more slowly and greet the public. All who will be standing along the route are invited to bring Lithuanian flags and to greet the Pope with cheerful shouts, songs, and hymns.
The longest stretch of the procession route, along which the public is invited to gather on Saturday in Vilnius, is from the Gate of Dawn (Aušros Vartai ) to the Cathedral Square (Katedros aikštė) along following streets: M. Daukšos, Žiuprionių, Subačiaus, Maironio, B. Radvilaitės, Šventaragio. The streets along this scenic route will accommodate the most people who want to greet the Pope.
The anticipated times to greet the Pope:

  •       Saturday, September 22, 16:45. The route from the Gate of Dawn (Aušros Vartai) to the Cathedral Square (Katedros aikštė): M. Daukšos street – Žiuprionių str. – Subačiaus str. – Maironio str. – B. Radvilaitės str. – Šventaragio str. – Cathedral Square.
  •        18:30  the route from the Cathedral to the Apostolic Nunciature : T. Vrublevskio str. – Arsenalo str. – T. Kosciuškos str.
  •       Sunday, September 23, 18:15. The route from Lukiškių Square to the Apostolic Nunciature : Gedimino ave. – T. Vrublevskio str. – Arsenalo str. – T. Kosciuškos str.


  •       September 23. Pilgrims in Kaunas are invited to gather in Santakos Park by 8:00, where they can wait together for the arrival of the Pope and the start of the Holy Mass that he will celebrate. Before Holy Mass, the Pope, riding in the Popemobile, will greet the pilgrims gathered there.
  •        14:20 the route from the Kaunas Archbishop’s Curia to Kaunas Cathedral : Rotušės square – M. Valančiaus str.

This is a preliminary list of the recommended times for gathering.  No registration is required for assembling to greet the Pope along the route.
On Saturday in Vilnius and on Sunday in Kaunas, there will be no fees for taking public transportation.
On Saturday in Vilnius, it will also be possible to greet the Pope in S. Daukantas Square, near Aušros Vartai (Gate of Dawn), Cathedral Square, where the Youth gathering will take place.
On Sunday in Santakos Park the Pope will celebrate Holy Mass. Then, he will travel to the Kaunas Cathedral, where he will meet with priests, the religious, and seminarians. On Sunday evening in Vilnius, the public is invited to greet the Pope in Lukiškių square.
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