The Media

If you have concrete questions for a priest, want an interview from a priest, please arrange this with the Vilnius Archdiocese Curia. In that event, please identify which priest you wish to speak to, name and surname. Please identify what media outlet you are representing, the topic of the meeting, what type of questions will be asked, and who else might be participating.


Communications Coordinator: Živilė Peluritienė
Mob. +370 646 67 844

Requests for filming and photographing

If you are interested in filming or photographing churches or other property or objects belonging to the Archdiocese of Vilnius, please submit a request to the Curia of the Archdiocese of Vilnius at this e-mail address: or send a letter to the Curia at: Šventaragio 4, Vilnius. In the request, please indicate: the purpose of the filming or photographing, whether for a news report, television program or an article, and the exact buildings, locations or objects being photographed. If filming people speaking, the names of participants speaking must be provided, as well as what other buildings, etc. are being shown together.

Please provide the preliminary time that the report, program or article will be shown or printed, with photographed buildings, locations or objects. Organizations requesting the right to photograph or film are to provide a short introduction, who is organizing the filming or photographing, name and surname, and contacts.

The Vilnius Archdiocese will deliberate the request and submit a response to given contact information.

Vilniaus arkivyskupijos kurija, Šventaragio 4, Vilnius, Lietuva,