Archb. M. Reinys

Mecislovas ReinysThe Servant of God Mečislovas Reinys

All people of faith are asked to pray for the servant of God Archbishop Mečislovas Reinys with the intention of him being declared Blessed.

We ask for anyone that knew him, had contact with him, witnessed his life or work to provide information.

Praying to God through the intercession of Mečislovas Reinys in times of trouble, illness, or other hardships is encouraged. Please notify the Beatification Tribunal at the Curia of the Archdiocese of Vilnius if grace was experienced. (Šventaragio 4, 01122 Vilnius).

We await pleas that the servant of God, Archbishop Mečislovas Reinys, would be declared Blessed. This would show that the people of God in Lithuania hold him to be a prisoner of conscience for the Church and are certain of his holiness.



Vilniaus arkivyskupijos kurija, Šventaragio 4, Vilnius, Lietuva,